Week 5: #DaRundown Reaction

Week 4 Review: Who’s a Contender?
October 2, 2013
It’s Finally Here, #DaRundownSports Podcast Ep. 01, Going in Beast Mode From Here
October 14, 2013

Monday Night Cap

What’s really good? I’m on my New York ish this week to give a shout to Geno and them Jets put more dirt on the Atlanta Falcons season. It’s more than that though. WTF is Mike Smith doing? Keep on leaving points on the field with the bad play calls. At half time of the last two games the Falcons left 2 field goals and opted to go for it in both instances. Its not a coincidence. Its bad coaching decisions, the same kind that keep from being in the Super Bowl. No creativity in the red zone. Boy they need Jackson back.

After School Special

What we learn this week?  Colts could win the Division if Matt Schaub continues with excessive use lotto scratch offs. The Saints could be the 2nd best team in the league. Detroit is Calvin Johnson. The Bears can’t win a title yet. Tony Romo still gets a check. Anybody can beat the Jags and the Giants. (Could be good for the Giants looking at Clowney) In a few weeks there’s going to be a lot of meaningless football and some division races that are going to be nothing less than intense.

Podcast Preview

We going to do our first official podcast this season. Why so late? Logistics to say the least. Its here be recorded going live. We going to get into the shaping of the playoff picture, talk about the QB situations around the league and touch a few rapid fire topics.

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