#DRDS Ep. 79 Kyrie Irving’s Cross-up in Cleveland and NBA Talk w/ J. Hicks of HHSR

#DRDS Ep. 78 NBA Draft, Trades, DJ Khaled Drops Grateful, Still Checking For JAY-Z?
June 22, 2017

This week on #DaRundown South Podcast, we sit down with J. Hicks from the Hip-Hop Sports Report to talk about the recent developments with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Kyrie Irving. Due to some technology set backs its a little late yet the conversation is still relevant until further developments. We break down the Cavs dysfunction on every level from the owner Dan Gilbert, to the GM position, down to the LeBron James-Kyrie Irving dynamic.

Who’s To Blame in Cleveland?

With so many parties involved in the Kyrie Irving saga, it’s hard to say who deserves the most blame. LeBron has one foot out the door and it’s rubbing people the wrong way making everyone nervous. Kyrie definitely has some ego issues going on and it’s about getting his shine since he already got a ring.  Dan Gilbert hasn’t given any GM an extension since he’s been the owner. It has layed the foundation to an unstable front office situation and made room for him to do some meddling.

Was David Griffin a good GM?

David Griffin has been seen by some as a great General Manager because he help piece together a championship winning squad. Others have seen the other side of the coin where he has left cupboards bare with moves like trading two 1st Rd picks for Mozgov. Then he signed Tristan Thompson, Iman Shumpert, and J.R. Smith to big deals that have made the Cavaliers unable to maneuver in the cap even after a spike.

LeBron’s Movements

LeBron has everyone in Cleveland and around the NBA nervous about what his next move. The heavily speculated move to play for Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers has everyone guessing on how they will be championship ready if LeBron decides to go there. The only reason it’s even a possibility is because he is taking short term deals which have allowed him to make the most money possible. Rich Paul is putting pieces in place like KCP in LA or the possible Eric Bledsoe trade for Kyrie. Either way it’s making Irving nervous about being Cleveland.


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