#DRDS Ep. 77 NBA Finals, Trade Love?, and Michael Vick Retirement

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June 4, 2017
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This week Keith Nelson Jr. joins the pod to discuss the NBA Finals and Michael Vick’s retirement.

The Golden State Warriors are champions. They took out the Cleveland Cavaliers in 5 Games and Kevin Durant was named Finals MVP. The confetti is fallen and all we have is questions. So what’s LeBron’s next move? We move on quick. Does Kevin Love need to be traded. Should the Cavs make a move for  Paul George? Maybe Jimmy Butler?  The Warriors have shown their dominance doesn’t seemed to be going away anytime soon so there isn’t much to mention after that. Everybody is coming back and LeBron will need all the help he can get to stop the Warriors from repeating as NBA Champions.

Michael Vick is retiring with the Falcons and the franchise is too afraid to give him his moment opting to put him next to Roddy White. It’s cowardly to say the least. They did the same move when they shutdown the Georgia Dome. I can’t believe after all this time we can’t recognize people for the good they do especially when have apologize for the wrong.

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