#DaRundown Sports Podcast Ep. 04 Saints – Cowboys Aftermath, Jay Cutler Down Again, Panthers Officially Legit

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November 5, 2013
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November 21, 2013

Smokin’ Jay Cutler congratulates Chicago Bears backup QB Josh Mcown on defeating the Green Bay Packers last night 27-20.  Reports have Smokin’ Jay potentially returning next week against the Detroit Lions.<br />
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( Photos courtesy of Smoking Jay Cutler, Yahoo Sports and Google image search )

Episode 4 of the #DaRundown Sports Podcast on deck!!!! This week I’m joined in studio with Jez (@85Jez15 on Twitter) and my resident Philadelphia Eagles Mike Mobes. We went heavy on the NFC East and the chances that the Cowboys can hold off the rest of the Division. We figure out is this the end of Michael Vick and are the Giants the zombies of the NFL. The Saint coming off a big win against the Cowboys have Carolina hot on their tails. We discussed whether they can climb to the top of the Division or are the wrapping a Wild Card after a big win in San Francisco over a team that’s very physical.Jay Cutler is back form and injury and….he’s hurt again. Is it time for Chicago to move on form Jay Cutler? Josh McCown play good again and its time to take a hard look at the situation there. Plenty more in between. As always fan are welcome to join the conversation via Twitter, Google Plus, or just plain call or shoot us a text @ (385)-98-LEGGO (53446). I have a fan section dedicated to the call in ready to go as soon as we get them rolling in. As always subscribe on iTunes and look forward to seeing us real soon.

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