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#DaRundown represents a cultural view on sports and entertainment that’s bred in Atlanta, GA and is hard to duplicate anywhere else. As Jay-Z would say “You can go to school but you can’t buy class”. Meaning you can learn all you want but that doesn’t mean you can buy what makes me special. The purpose of the #DaRundown is have some meaning conversations about subjects that are near and dear to my heart. Sports, Hip Hop, and entertainment as whole. This is an interesting time for Atlanta in all three of these areas and I want you to have some perspective from someone who is here.


Sports is a conversation starter that goes beyond race, income, status,  religion, and any other border people find to divide themselves. Here at #DaRundown we will discuss sports not only on a local level or just X’s & O’s, but also in a thought provoking way. We will take a look at the business, the politics, and some of the controversy in sports. If you’re looking for strictly breakdowns of last nights game this isn’t that place. Now we will recap events and talk with experts and get educated on different subjects.The more you support us the better the guest. We want to give you access to the people that matter to you the most.


Music is my first love and Hip Hop is what started a lot of what you see here. The connection that the culture of Hip Hop has with sports is absolutely undeniable. Look at any promotion of any NBA product. With those two things stated we will highlight the great examples of the two worlds colliding and also frame some meaningful conversations around music. Atlanta is a modern day MoTown phenomenon in black music. A lot of what is going on around here is moving the needle on a global level so things that happen from outside of the ATL directly affect the scene.
Part of Black Hollywood is also now in Atlanta,GA. The reality shows are creatings stars like NBA Live 97 on Playstation 1. Tyler Perry has a big studio and many more networks are setting up shop to film here. So it wouldn’t be right to ignore something so important to the movement. Now that movement is of course to get consistent equal billing on big budget stuff in actual Hollywood. Maybe have more than one black comedian at a time? Not giving all the black guy parts to same guy? Yes we will get there eventually but until then we can find out the particulars.

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We encourage you get involved with #DaRundown Sports podcast shows and the site. We are available on most social media platforms. You can reach us via email or even come on the show via #DaRundown ShoutBox @ 385-98-LEGGO. You can leave up to a 90 second take on sports, Hip-Hop, or anything else you consider worthy of discussion. Come out and join us at any of our upcoming events in the Atlanta area. We will be hosting live podcast, Google Hangouts, and mix of other interactive events.


We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy the content of #DaRundown Sports.


-#DaRundown Sports Team


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